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Dinosaurs of England

Currently, our archive includes 49 dinosaurs from England

Name Period Type Family Year
AGNOSPHITYS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Guaibasauridae 2002
ASYLOSAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 1936
AVALONIA Triassic Non-Dinosaurian Non-Dinosaurian 1898
BARILIUM Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2010
BARYONYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Baryonychinae 1986
BECKLESPINAX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Tetanurae 1991
BOTHRIOSPONDYLUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Sauropoda 1875
CAMELOTIA Triassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 1985
CETIOSAURISCUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Neosauropoda 1927
CETIOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Cetiosauridae 1841
CRUXICHEIROS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Tetanurae 2010
CUMNORIA Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Styracosterna 1888
DACENTRURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1902
DINODOCUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Sauropoda 1884
DURIAVENATOR Middle Jurassic Theropoda Megalosauridae 2008
EOPLOPHYSIS Middle Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 2014
EOTYRANNUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2001
EUSTREPTOSPONDYLUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Megalosauridae 1964
GIGANTOSAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Sauropoda 1869
HAESTASAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Macronaria 2015
HYLAEOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauria 1832
HYPSELOSPINUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Iguanodontia 2010
HYPSILOPHODON Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Ornithopoda 1869
JURATYRANT Late Jurassic Theropoda Proceratosauridae 2013
KUKUFELDIA Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2010
LEXOVISAURUS Middle Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauria 1957
LORICATOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauria 2008
MAGNOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Megalosauridae 1923
MANTELLISAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2006
MEGALOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Megalosauridae 1824
METRIACANTHOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Sinraptoridae 1923
NEOVENATOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Neovenatoridae 1996
NUTHETES Early Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 1854
ORNITHOPSIS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Macronaria 1870
OWENODON Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2009
PELOROSAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 1850
POLACANTHUS Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Polacanthidae 1865
PRIODONTOGNATHUS Late Jurassic Ankylosauria Ankylosauria 1875
PROCERATOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Proceratosauridae 1910
SARCOLESTES Middle Jurassic Ankylosauria Ankylosauria 1893
SARCOSAURUS Early Jurassic Theropoda Coelophysoidea 1921
SCELIDOSAURUS Early Jurassic Ankylosauria Thyreophora 1868
SELLACOXA Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2010
THECODONTOSAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 1836
VALDORAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Tetanurae 1991
VALDOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Dryosauridae 1975
WYLEYIA Early Cretaceous Theropoda Maniraptora 1973
XENOPOSEIDON Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Neosauropoda 2007
YAVERLANDIA Early Cretaceous Theropoda Maniraptora 1971
Hot Spots
Oxford is the big dinosaur central of England, and home of the very first dinosaur un-earthing - Megalosaurus. For non-dinophiles there is no end of sickly-scenic places well worth a holiday. While your boring spouse is off fossil finding you could kick back in the Quantock Hills, Devon, Cornwall, or the Lake District, make the most of world famous North of England wine tastings, or just learn English.
• William T. Blows (2015) "British Polacanthid Dinosaurs: Observations on the History and Palaeontology of the UK Polacanthid Armoured Dinosaurs and Their Relatives (Monograph Series)"
• David Batten (2011) "English Wealden Fossils (Field Guide to Fossils Number 14)".
• Dean R. Lomax and Nobumichi Tamura (2014) "Dinosaurs of the British Isles".
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