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Pronunciation: OH-may-SOR-us
Meaning: Mount Emei lizard
Author: Young (1939)
Synonyms: Zigongosaurus?
First discovery: Sichuan, China
Roar factor: 3/10

Omeisaurus junghsiensis

Omeisaurus is derived from "Emeishan" (the mountain where it was discovered) and the Greek "sauros" (lizard). Emeishan (from the Chinese "emai" (lofty) and "shan" (mountain)—aka Mount O-mei or Mount Emei—is one of the four Buddhist sacred mountains of China, but 1,000+ meters higher than the other three.
The species epithet, junghsiensis, means "from Junghsien" in Latin.
The first remins of Omeisaurus junghsiensis were discovered in the Daanzhai Member of the Lower Shaximiao (Xiashaximiao ) Formation, Hsikuashan (aka Xiguashan), Junghsien, Sichuan Province, China, by C.C Young and C.L. Camp in 1936.
The holotype (IVPP) is a skeleton that was extremely fragmentary to begin with but much of it was lost in transprt during WW2. Dong allocated a well-preserved skull (CV-001) as a neotype.
Era: Mesozoic
Period: Middle to Late Jurassic
Stage: Bathonian-Oxfordian
Age: 168-156 million years ago
Vital Stats:
Est. Max. Length: 15 meters
Est. Max. Height: ?
Est. Max. Weight: 12 tons
Diet: Herbivorous
Other Species?
Omeisaurus changshouensis "from Changshou" (Young, 1958).
Omeisaurus fuxiensis - "from Fuxien" (Dong, Zhou & Zhang, 1983) - is based on CV00267 - a partial skeleton from Wujiaba quarry, in the Upper Shaximiao (Shangshaximiao) Formation of Wujiaba, Zigong, China. At around 11 meters in length it's the smallest known species of Omeisaurus and has the lowest skull and slimmest jaws. It may be synonymous with Mamenchisaurus fuxiensis.
Omeisaurus luoquanensis "from Luoquan" (He, Li & Cai, 1988).
Omeisaurus tianfuensis - "from Tianfu" (He, Li, Cai & Gao, 1984) - is based on ZDM T7501 - a skeleton from the Dashanpu Dinosaur Quarry, Lower Shaximiao (Xiashaximiao ) Formation, Jingyan, Sichuan, China. It has the longest neck of the genus. In fact, amongst all known dinosaurs only the neck of Mamenchisaurus is longer.
Omeisaurus zigongensis "from Zigong" (Tanimoto, 1988).
Omeisaurus gongjianensis - "from Gongjia" - was only briefly mentioned in 1996 by Zhang and Chen who suggested it may be a specimen of Mamenchisaurus.
Omeisaurus jiaoi - (Jiang, Li, Peng, & Ye, 2011) - is based on ZDM 5050 - a nearly complete skeleton with tall, large dorsal vertebrae discovered in the Lower Shaximiao (Xiashaximiao) Formation of Zigong, China.
Omeisaurus maoianus - (Tang, Jin, Kang, & Zhang, 2001) - is based on NM N8510 - a partial skeleton from the Lower Shaximiao (Xiashaximiao) Formation, Jingyan, Sichuan, China.
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