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Dinosaurs of Canada

Currently, our archive includes 63 dinosaurs from Canada

Name Period Type Family Year
ACROCANTHOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 1950
ACROTHOLUS Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 2013
ALBERTACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2007
ALBERTADROMEUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Orodrominae 2013
ALBERTAVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2017
ALBERTONYKUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Parvicursorinae 2008
ALBERTOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Albertosaurinae 1905
ANCHICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1914
ANODONTOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 1929
APATORAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Caenagnathidae 2016
ARCTOSAURUS Triassic Archosauromorpha Archosauriformes 1875
ARRHINOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1925
ATROCIRAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Saurornitholestinae 2004
BOREALOPELTA Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 2017
BOREONYKUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Velociraptorinae 2015
BRACHYCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1914
BRACHYLOPHOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1953
CAENAGNATHUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorosauria 1940
CENTROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1904
CHASMOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1914
CHASSTERNBERGIA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1988
CHIROSTENOTES Late Cretaceous Theropoda Caenagnathidae 1924
CORONOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2012
DASPLETOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 1970
DROMAEOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 1922
DYOPLOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 1924
EDMONTONIA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1928
EDMONTOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1917
EPICHIROSTENOTES Late Cretaceous Theropoda Caenagnathidae 2011
EUOPLOCEPHALUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 1910
GORGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Albertosaurinae 1914
GRYPHOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 2012
GRYPOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosaurinae 1914
HYPACROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Corythosaurini 1913
LATENIVENATRIX Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2017
LEPTOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 1914
LEPTORHYNCHOS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Caenagnathidae 2013
MERCURICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2014
MICROCEPHALE Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 1997
MOJOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
MONTANOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 1951
PACHYRHINOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1950
PANOPLOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1919
PARASAUROLOPHUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Parasaurolophini 1922
PARKSOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Ornithopoda 1937
PROSAUROLOPHUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1916
RATIVATES Late Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimidae 2016
REGALICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2015
RICHARDOESTESIA Late Cretaceous Theropoda Coelurosauria 1990
SAUROLOPHUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1912
SAURORNITHOLESTES Late Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 1978
SCOLOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 1928
SPINOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2011
STEGOCERAS Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 1972
STRUTHIOMIMUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimidae 1917
STYRACOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1913
TENONTOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Iguanodontia 1970
TERMINONATATOR Late Cretaceous Plesiosauria Elasmosauridae 2003
TROODON Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 1856
UNESCOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 2012
VAGACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
WENDICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2015
XENOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2012
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• Philip J. Currie and Eva B. Koppelhus (2005) "Dinosaur Provincial Park: A Spectacular Ancient Ecosystem Revealed".
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