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Dinosaurs of Argentina

Currently, our archive includes 98 dinosaurs from Argentina
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Name Period Type Family Year
ABELISAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauridae 1985
ACHILLESAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Alvarezsauridae 2007
ACHILLESAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Alvarezsauridae 2007
ADEOPAPPOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Massospondylidae 2009
AEOLOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Aeolosauridae 1987
AEROSTEON Late Cretaceous Theropoda Megaraptora 2009
AGUSTINIA Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Sauropoda 1999
ALNASHETRI Late Cretaceous Theropoda Alvarezsauridae 2012
ALVAREZSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Alvarezsauridae 1991
AMARGASAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Dicraeosauridae 1991
AMARGATITANIS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Dicraeosauridae 2007
AMYGDALODON Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Eusauropoda 1947
ANABISETIA Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Iguanodontia 2002
ANDESAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 1991
ANTARCTOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lithostrotia 1929
AONIRAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Megaraptora 2016
ARGENTINOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 1993
ARGYROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 1893
AUCASAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauridae 2002
AUSTRORAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Unenlagiinae 2009
BAYOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauroidea 2006
BICENTENARIA Late Cretaceous Theropoda Coelurosauria 2012
BONAPARTENYKUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Alvarezsauridae 2012
BONAPARTESAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2017
BONATITAN Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lithostrotia 2004
BONITASAURA Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 2004
BRACHYTRACHELOPAN Late Jurassic Sauropoda Dicraeosauridae 2005
BUITRERAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Unenlagiinae 2005
CARNOTAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Carnotaurinae 1985
CATHARTESAURA Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Rebbachisauridae 2005
CHROMOGISAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Saturnaliinae 2010
CHUBUTISAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 1974
COLORADISAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Massospondylidae 1983
COMAHUESAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Rebbachisauridae 2012
DREADNOUGHTUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 2014
EKRIXINATOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauridae 2004
ELALTITAN Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lithostrotia 2012
EOABELISAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Abelisauridae 2012
EODROMAEUS Triassic Theropoda Theropoda 2011
EORAPTOR Triassic Sauropodomorpha Guaibasauridae 1993
FUTALOGNKOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lognkosauria 2007
GASPARINISAURA Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Ornithopoda 1996
GENYODECTES Early Cretaceous Theropoda Ceratosauridae 1901
GIGANOTOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 1995
GUALICHO Late Cretaceous Theropoda Neovenatoridae 2016
HERRERASAURUS Triassic Theropoda Herrerasauridae 1963
ILOKELESIA Late Cretaceous Theropoda Brachyrostra 1998
ISABERRYSAURA Middle Jurassic Ornithischia Neornithischia 2017
LAPAMPASAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 2012
LEINKUPAL Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Diplodocinae 2014
LEYESAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Massospondylidae 2011
LIGABUEINO Early Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauroidea 1996
LIGABUESAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 2006
LIMAYSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Rebbachisauridae 2004
LUCIANOVENATOR Triassic Theropoda Coelophysidae 2017
MACROGRYPHOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Elasmaria 2007
MAPUSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 2006
MEGARAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Megaraptoridae 1998
MENDOZASAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lognkosauria 2003
MURUSRAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Megaraptoridae 2016
MUSSAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 1979
MUYELENSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Rinconsauria 2007
NEUQUENRAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Unenlagiinae 2005
NEUQUENSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Saltasauridae 1992
NOASAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Noasauridae 1980
NOTOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Neoceratopsia 1918
NOTOCOLOSSUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Lithostrotia 2016
PAMPARAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 2011
PANPHAGIA Triassic Sauropodomorpha Guaibasauridae 2009
PATAGONYKUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Alvarezsauridae 1996
PATAGOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Cetiosauridae 1979
PETROBRASAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lognkosauria 2011
PIATNITZKYSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Piatnitzkysauridae 1979
PISANOSAURUS Triassic Ornithischia Neornithischia 1967
PITEKUNSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Aeolosauridae 2008
POWELLVENATOR Triassic Theropoda Coelophysoidea 2017
PUERTASAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lognkosauria 2005
QUILMESAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauridae 2001
RINCONSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Aeolosauridae 2003
RIOJASAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Riojasauridae 1967
ROCASAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Saltasaurinae 2000
SALTASAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Saltasauridae 1980
SANJUANSAURUS Triassic Theropoda Herrerasauridae 2010
SARMIENTOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Lithostrotia 2016
SECERNOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1979
SKORPIOVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Furileusauria 2008
TALENKAUEN Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Iguanodontia 2004
TAUROVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 2016
TEHUELCHESAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Cetiosauridae 1999
TYRANNOTITAN Early Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 2005
UNENLAGIA Late Cretaceous Theropoda Unenlagiinae 1997
VELOCISAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Noasauridae 1991
VIAVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Furileusauria 2016
VOLKHEIMERIA Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 1979
WILLINAKAQE Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2011
XENOTARSOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Abelisauridae 1986
ZAPALASAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Rebbachisauridae 2006
ZUPAYSAURUS Triassic Theropoda Neotheropoda 2003
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• Fernando E. Novas (2009) "The Age of Dinosaurs in South America".
• Zulma Gasparini, Rodolfo A. Coria and Leonardo Salgado (2007) "Patagonian Mesozoic Reptiles".
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