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flag of Hungary

Dinosaurs of Hungary

Currently, our archive includes 4 dinosaurs from Hungary

Name Period Type Family Year
AJKACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Bagaceratopsidae 2010
HUNGAROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 2005
MOCHLODON Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Rhabdodontidae 1881
PNEUMATORAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Maniraptora 2010
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If you're looking for a fossil-finders map of Hungary, you only need the one that shows the way to the Iharkút locality of the Csehbánya Formation at Veszprém County, which is an open-pit bauxite mine, and, unfortunately for your feet, lies in the Bakony Mountains. During the Late Cretaceous, this area was the floodplain of a low gradient meandering river, judging from the remnants of fishes, amphibians, turtles and crocodiles. But it has also yielded lizards and pterosaurs, and dinosaurs in the form of a theropod (Pneumatoraptor), a ceratopsian (Hungarosaurus) an ankylosaur (Ajkaceratops) and an ornithopod that became a second species of MochlodonMochlodon verosi—a full 130 years after Harry Seeley had named the first one Mochlodon suessi. Although Hungary is far from what you might call dinosaur rich, it only needs someone to find a fossilised sauropod and a stegosaurid then all of the major dinosaurian groups will be represented, which is more than can be said for most other European countries.
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