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Dinosaurs of China

Currently, our archive includes 163 dinosaurs from China

Name Period Type Family Year
ABROSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Eusauropoda 1989
AGILISAURUS Late Jurassic Ornithischia Neornithischia 1990
ALECTROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 1933
ALXASAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauria 1993
ANCHIORNIS Late Jurassic Theropoda Troodontidae 2009
AORUN Middle Jurassic Theropoda Coelurosauria 2013
ARCHAEOCERATOPS Early Cretaceous Ceratopsia Neoceratopsia 1997
ARCHAEORNITHOMIMUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimidae 1972
AURORACERATOPS Early Cretaceous Ceratopsia Neoceratopsia 2005
AVIMIMUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorosauria 1981
BACTROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 1933
BANJI Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorinae 2010
BEIBEILONG Late Cretaceous Theropoda Caenagnathidae 2017
BEIPIAOGNATHUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Compsognathidae 2016
BEIPIAOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauroidea 1999
BEISHANLONG Early Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimosauria 2009
BELLUSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Macronaria 1990
BOLONG Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Iguanodontia 2010
CAUDIPTERYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Caudipterygidae 1998
CHANGCHUNSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Jeholosauridae 2005
CHANGYURAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Microraptorinae 2014
CHAOYANGSAURUS Late Jurassic Ceratopsia Chaoyangsauridae 1999
CHARONOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Parasaurolophini 2000
CHIALINGOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1959
CHINSHAKIANGOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropoda Sauropoda 1992
CHUANJIESAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2000
CHUANQILONG Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2014
CHUNGKINGOSAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1983
CORYTHORAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptoridae 2017
CRICHTONSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 2002
DAANOSAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Eusauropoda 2005
DALIANSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Sinovenatorinae 2017
DATANGLONG Early Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauria 2014
DATONGLONG Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 2015
DATOUSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisaurinae 1984
DILONG Early Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2004
DONGBEITITAN Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Somphospondyli 2007
EOMAMENCHISAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2008
EOSINOPTERYX Late Jurassic Theropoda Troodontidae 2013
EPIDEXIPTERYX Late Jurassic Theropoda Scansoriopterygidae 2008
EQUIJUBUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 2003
EUHELOPUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Euhelopodidae 1956
FULENGIA Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Prosauropoda 1977
GANZHOUSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptoridae 2013
GASOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Sinraptoridae 1985
GIGANTORAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptoridae 2007
GOBISAURUS Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2001
GONGPOQUANSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 2014
GUANLONG Late Jurassic Theropoda Proceratosauridae 2006
HELIOCERATOPS Early Cretaceous Ceratopsia Neoceratopsia 2009
HEXING Early Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimosauria 2012
HEXINLUSAURUS Middle Jurassic Ornithischia Neornithischia 2005
HUALIANCERATOPS Late Jurassic Ceratopsia Chaoyangsauridae 2015
HUANANSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorinae 2015
HUANGSHANLONG Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2014
HUAXIAGNATHUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Compsognathidae 2004
HUAXIAOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2011
HUAYANGOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Stegosauria Huayangosauridae 1982
HUDIESAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 1997
INCISIVOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorosauria 2002
ISCHIOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 2015
JEHOLOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Jeholosauridae 2000
JIANCHANGOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauria 2013
JIANGJUNOSAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 2007
JIANIANHUALONG Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2017
JINFENGOPTERYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2005
JINGSHANOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Yunnanosauridae 1994
JINZHOUSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 2001
KAIJIANGOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Tetanurae 1984
KELMAYISAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 1973
KLAMELISAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Macronaria 1993
LAIYANGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2017
LIAONINGVENATOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2017
LIMUSAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Ceratosauria 2009
LINHENYKUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Parvicursorinae 2011
LINHERAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Velociraptorinae 2010
LINHEVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2011
LIUBANGOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Eusauropoda 2010
LUFENGOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Massospondylidae 1941
MAGNIROSTRIS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Protoceratopsidae 2003
MAMENCHISAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisaurinae 1954
MEI Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2004
MICRORAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Microraptoria 2000
MOSAICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Neoceratopsia 2015
NANKANGIA Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorosauria 2013
NANSHIUNGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauridae 1979
NANYANGOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidae 2000
NEBULASAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Eusauropoda 2013
NEIMONGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauria 2001
NUROSAURUS Uncertain Sauropoda Sauropoda 1992
OMEISAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisaurinae 1939
PANGURAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Coelophysidae 2014
PHAEDROLOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Uncertain 1973
PHILOVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2012
PROTOGNATHOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Sauropoda 1991
PSITTACOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ceratopsia Psittacosauridae 1923
QIANZHOUSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauridae 2014
QIJIANGLONG Late Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2015
SAHALIYANIA Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Corythosaurini 2008
SCANSORIOPTERYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Scansoriopterygidae 2002
SERIKORNIS Late Jurassic Theropoda Paraves 2017
SHANTUNGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1973
SHANXIA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 1998
SHAOCHILONG Late Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 2009
SHENZHOUSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimidae 2003
SHUANGBAISAURUS Early Jurassic Theropoda Theropoda 2017
SHUNOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Eusauropoda 1983
SIMILICAUDIPTERYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Caudipteridae 2008
SINOCALLIOPTERYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Compsognathidae 2007
SINOCOELURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Tetanurae 1942
SINORNITHOIDES Early Jurassic Theropoda Troodontidae 1993
SINORNITHOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 1999
SINOSAUROPTERYX Early Cretaceous Theropoda Compsognathidae 1996
SINOSAURUS Late Jurassic Saurischia Saurischia 1948
SINOTYRANNUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Proceratosauridae 2009
SINOVENATOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2002
SINRAPTOR Middle Jurassic Theropoda Sinraptoridae 1994
SINUSONASUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2004
SONIDOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Antarctosauridae 2006
SZECHUANOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Tetanurae 1942
TAMBATITANIS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Somphospondyli 2014
TANIUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1929
TAOHELONG Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Polacanthinae 2013
TARBOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 1955
TIANCHIASAURUS Middle Jurassic Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 1993
TIANZHENOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 1998
TONGANOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2010
TONGTIANLONG Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptoridae 2016
TSINTAOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Lambeosaurinae 1958
TUOJIANGOSAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1973
WANNANOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 1977
WUERHOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1973
WULAGASAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2008
WULATELONG Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptoridae 2013
XIAOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Ornithischia Ornithischia 1983
XIAOTINGIA Late Jurassic Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 2011
XINGXIULONG Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodiformes 2017
XINJIANGOVENATOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Maniraptora 2005
XINJIANGTITAN Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2013
XIONGGUANLONG Early Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2009
XIXIASAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2010
XIXIPOSAURUS Triassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 2010
XUANHUACERATOPS Late Jurassic Ceratopsia Chaoyangsauridae 2006
YANDUSAURUS Middle Jurassic Ornithopoda Ornithopoda 1979
YANGCHUANOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Sinraptoridae 1975
YI Middle Jurassic Theropoda Scansoriopterygidae 2015
YIMENOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 1990
YINGSHANOSAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1994
YINLONG Middle Jurassic Ceratopsia Ceratopsia 2006
YONGJINGLONG Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauria 2014
YUANMOUSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Mamenchisauridae 2006
YUEOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Ornithopoda 2012
YULONG Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptoridae 2013
YUNNANOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Yunnanosauridae 1940
YUTYRANNUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2012
ZHANGHENGLONG Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 2014
ZHENYUANLONG Early Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 2015
ZHONGJIANOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Microraptorinae 2017
ZHUCHENGCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 2010
ZHUCHENGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2007
ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 2011
ZIZHONGOSAURUS Middle Jurassic Sauropoda Vulcanodontidae 1983
ZUOLONG Late Jurassic Theropoda Coelurosauria 2010
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• Pei-ji Chen, Yuan Wang, Yuan-qing Wang and Mee-Mann Chang (2008) "The Jehol Fossils: The Emergence of Feathered Dinosaurs, Beaked Birds and Flowering Plants".
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