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Dinosaurs of North America

Currently, our archive includes 178 dinosaurs from USA

Name Period Type Family Year
ABYDOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 2010
ACHELOUSAURUS Late Jurassic Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1994
ACHERORAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Velociraptorinae 2013
ACRISTAVUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Brachylophosaurini 2011
ACROCANTHOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae 1950
ADELOLOPHUS Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Lambeosaurinae 2014
AGATHAUMAS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Ceratopsia 1872
AGUJACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2006
AHSHISLEPELTA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2011
ALAMOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Sauropoda Antarctosauridae 1922
ALASKACEPHALE Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 2005
ALBERTACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2007
ALETOPELTA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2001
ALLOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Allosauridae 1877
AMMOSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Anchisauria 1891
AMPHICOELIAS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Diplodocoidea 1877
ANASAZISAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1993
ANATOTITAN Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1990
ANCHISAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Anchisauridae 1885
ANGULOMASTACATOR Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Lambeosaurinae 2009
ANIMANTARX Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1999
ANKYLOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 1908
ANTRODEMUS Late Jurassic Non-Dinosaurian Allosauridae 1870
ANZU Late Cretaceous Theropoda Caenagnathidae 2014
APATODON Uncertain Theropoda Theropoda 1877
APATOSAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Apatosaurinae 1877
APPALACHIOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2005
AQUILOPS Early Cretaceous Ceratopsia Neoceratopsia 2014
ASTRODON Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Macronaria 1865
ASTROPHOCAUDIA Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Somphospondyli 2012
AUGUSTYNOLOPHUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2014
AVACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1986
BAMBIRAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Saurornitholestinae 2000
BAROSAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Diplodocinae 1890
BISTAHIEVERSOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2010
BRACHIOSAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 1903
BRACHYCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1914
BRACHYLOPHOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1953
BRAVOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2013
BRONTOMERUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Somphospondyli 2011
BUGENASAURA Late Cretaceous Non-Dinosaurian Thescelosauridae 1995
CAMARASAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Camarasauridae 1877
CAMPTOSAURUS Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Camptosauridae 1885
CAPITALSAURUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Neotheropoda 1990
CASEOSAURUS Triassic Theropoda Herrerasauridae 1998
CEDAROSAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Macronaria 1999
CEDARPELTA Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2001
CEDRORESTES Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2007
CERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Ceratopsia 1888
CERATOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Ceratosauridae 1884
CHINDESAURUS Triassic Theropoda Herrerasauridae 1995
COAHUILACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
COELOPHYSIS Triassic Theropoda Coelophysoidea 1889
COELURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Coelurosauria 1879
CORYTHOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Corythosaurini 1914
DAEMONOSAURUS Triassic Theropoda Theropoda 2011
DAKOTADON Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2010
DAKOTARAPTOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 2015
DEINONYCHUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosauridae 1969
DIABLOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2010
DICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1905
DILOPHOSAURUS Early Jurassic Theropoda Dilophosauridae 1970
DIPLODOCUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Diplodocidae 1878
DRACOREX Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 2006
DRINKER Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Hypsilophodontidae 1990
DRYOSAURUS Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Dryosauridae 1894
DRYPTOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 1877
EINIOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1995
EOBRONTOSAURUS Late Jurassic Non-Dinosaurian Apatosaurinae 1998
EOLAMBIA Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauroidea 1998
EOTRACHODON Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 2016
FALCARIUS Early Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauria 2005
FRUITADENS Late Jurassic Ornithischia Heterodontosauridae 2010
GARGOYLEOSAURUS Late Jurassic Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1998
GASTONIA Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Polacanthidae 1998
GEMINIRAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2010
GLYPTODONTOPELTA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 2000
GOJIRASAURUS Triassic Theropoda Coelophysoidea 1997
GORGOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Albertosaurinae 1914
HADROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1858
HAGRYPHUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorosauria 2005
HESPERONYCHUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Microraptoria 2009
HESPEROSAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosaurinae 2001
HIPPODRACO Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2010
HYPSIBEMA Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1869
IGUANACOLOSSUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2010
JUDICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2013
KAATEDOCUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Diplodocidae 2012
KOPARION Late Jurassic Theropoda Troodontidae 1994
KOSMOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
KRITOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1910
LEPIDUS Triassic Theropoda Coelophysoidea 2015
LOPHORHOTHON Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1960
LYTHRONAX Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauridae 2013
MACHAIROCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2016
MAIASAURA Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Hadrosauridae 1979
MANOSPONDYLUS Late Cretaceous Non-Dinosaurian Non dinosaurian 1892
MARSHOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Megalosauroidea 1976
MARTHARAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauroidea 2012
MEDUSACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
MERCURICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2014
MICROVENATOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Oviraptorosauria 1970
MIERASAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Turiasauria 2017
MOABOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauriformes 2017
MONOCLONIUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 1876
MONTANOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Leptoceratopsidae 1951
MYMOORAPELTA Late Jurassic Ankylosauria Ankylosauria 1994
NAASHOIBITOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 1993
NANOTYRANNUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 1988
NANUQSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 2014
NASUTOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2013
NATRONASAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 2014
NEDOCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2007
NODOCEPHALOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 1999
NODOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1889
NOTHRONYCHUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Therizinosauridae 2001
OOHKOTOKIA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2013
ORNITHOLESTES Late Jurassic Theropoda Coelurosauria 1903
ORNITHOMIMUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Ornithomimidae 1890
ORODROMEUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Orodrominae 1998
ORYCTODROMEUS Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Orodrominaae 2007
OSMAKASAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Camptosauridae 2011
OTHNIELIA Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Neornithischia 1977
PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 1943
PALUXYSAURUS Early Cretaceous Non-Dinosaurian Non dinosaurian 2001
PANOPLOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1919
PENTACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1923
PLANICOXA Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2001
PLEUROCOELUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 1888
PROPANOPLOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 2011
PROTOAVIS Triassic Theropoda Theropoda 1984
RHINOREX Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2014
RICHARDOESTESIA Late Cretaceous Theropoda Coelurosauria 1990
RUBEOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Centrosaurinae 2010
RUGOCAUDIA Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Titanosauriformes 2012
SARAHSAURUS Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 2010
SAUROPELTA Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1970
SAUROPHAGANAX Late Jurassic Theropoda Allosauridae 1995
SAUROPOSEIDON Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 2000
SCUTELLOSAURUS Early Jurassic Ankylosauria Thyreophora 1981
SEGISAURUS Middle Jurassic Theropoda Coelophysoidea 1936
SEITAAD Early Jurassic Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha 2010
SHUVOSAURUS Triassic Archosauromorpha Rauisuchia 1993
SIATS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Neovenatoridae 2013
SONORASAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 1998
SPICLYPEUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2016
STEGOPELTA Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1905
STEGOSAURUS Late Jurassic Stegosauria Stegosauridae 1877
STOKESOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 1974
STYGIMOLOCH Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 1983
SUPERSAURUS Late Jurassic Sauropoda Apatosaurinae 1985
SUUWASSEA Late Jurassic Sauropoda Dicraeosauridae 2004
TALOS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 2010
TATANKACERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
TAWA Triassic Theropoda Theropoda 2009
TECHNOSAURUS Triassic Archosauromorpha Silesauridae 1984
TEIHIVENATOR Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosauroidea 2017
TENONTOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Iguanodontia 1970
TERATOPHONEUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 2011
TEXACEPHALE Late Cretaceous Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae 2010
TEXASETES Early Cretaceous Ankylosauria Nodosauridae 1995
THEIOPHYTALIA Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2006
TOROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1891
TORVOSAURUS Late Jurassic Theropoda Megalosauridae 1979
TRICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1889
TROODON Late Cretaceous Theropoda Troodontidae 1856
TYRANNOSAURUS Late Cretaceous Theropoda Tyrannosaurinae 1905
UGROSAURUS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 1987
UGRUNAALUK Late Cretaceous Ornithopoda Saurolophinae 2015
UTAHCERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Chasmosaurinae 2010
UTAHRAPTOR Early Cretaceous Theropoda Dromaeosaurinae 1993
UTEODON Late Jurassic Ornithopoda Styracosterna 2011
VENENOSAURUS Early Cretaceous Sauropoda Brachiosauridae 2001
YURGOVUCHIA Early Jurassic Theropoda Dromaeosaurinae 2012
ZEPHYROSAURUS Early Cretaceous Ornithopoda Orodrominae 1980
ZIAPELTA Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosauridae 2014
ZUNICERATOPS Late Cretaceous Ceratopsia Ceratopsia 1998
ZUUL Late Cretaceous Ankylosauria Ankylosaurinae 2017
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Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma
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